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We're on a mission to help direct-to-consumer brands increase conversions and build future proof businesses.

After a decade of learning while consulting in the UX, strategy and performance branding space, we decided to create Oddit as an affordable assessment tool for DTC brands looking to elevate their brand and make their e-commerce presence more efficient.

We help brands, and the companies that build brands.

We live and breathe DTC, but sometimes you get so close to your product or brand that you miss opportunities. Working with Oddit has been an absolute game changer – their insights constantly blow me away.

Nik Sharma
CEO, Sharma Brands

Questions your Oddit helps answer.

What can we do to increase our ROAS? Our conversion rate?

What can we do to increase conversions and reduce bounces after people click on our ads?

How can we grow our Average Order Value? How should we implement up-sells and cross-sells?

What are the things we don't know about our website that are costing us sales?

What should we A/B test to move the needle, as much as possible, right away?

What's working and what's not working to help people convert on our website?

Who makes the magic happen?

Oddit was founded by an experienced team of DTC brand, UX, and strategy professionals. We've launched, scaled, and sold numerous digital brands.

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