The balance between conversion & aesthetic

The balance between conversion & aesthetic

Brand-first CRO is all about finding that perfect balance between what represents your brand best, and what represents your bottom line best (converting).

Here’s a few simple tips to make sure your header converts without losing the essence of your aesthetic:

1. Big bold images are cool, but cool doesn’t always convert. Tighten up your image to make room for some additional content.

Malbon has a great brand and name, but not every user knows who they are. It’s important to tell users who you are, and what makes you great.

2. Identify the featured product by inserting a secondary action directly connected to the product feature. This action can be subtler than your primary action for the simple fact that we don’t want it clicked as much.  

3. Size matters. Your primary action buttons should be a minimum of 44px tall (2x from what is seen in the before image). Make user engagement easy by ensuring key action buttons are full width, and descriptive – tell them exactly where they are going.

3 continued: It’s very important that your actions meet the expectation they present. The brand here is featuring a collaboration, yet the shop now button takes customers to the ‘shop all’ page. If your entire header is a featured product, link to the featured product.

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