Save the scroll: optimize your FAQs

Save the scroll: optimize your FAQs

Long-winded content blocks that have users scrolling too long are death to conversion.

Here’s some simple design cues to help make your FAQ cross-section (or any section!) effective rather than overwhelming:

Suggestion 1: Rather than showing every question, pick 5 questions that are the most common. If you have 6 that are really common, use 6. The point is to accommodate the majority of users with a few questions and leave the rest to a FAQ page.

Suggestion 2: Add accordion drop-downs to each question so users can easily scan and find which one is most useful to them. Leave the first question open by default so that users clearly see the functionality of the questions/answers.

Suggestion 3: Make sure to accommodate users who didn’t have their questions answered – give users access to the full database of questions (if you have more), and allow them to ask a question. Depending on your ideal contact point, chat can be a great option for this.

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