How to build trust through content + design hierarchy

How to build trust through content + design hierarchy

Building trust in your brand is all about managing your content and design hierarchy. Give users a focused, clear vision of your brand to push them down the funnel faster and with more confidence.

Here’s 4 ways to reign in the message:

1. Use your brag bar to communicate something either (1) unique to your brand or (2) something that builds trust or (3) something that saves users money. Returns and exchanges are table stakes – leave them in the T&Cs.

2. Pick a single focused image that supports the story you’re trying to tell, and NEVER include another product that distracts from yours. One of the loudest elements in the ‘before’ image is a life-size jenga game.

3. If you are struggling to describe what makes your brand or product unique, let someone else do it for you! Using a press quote or review as your brand description in the header helps build trust (social proof from a trusted source), and describes your product from the customers perspective.

4. Forking users to multiple categories right off the hop is great, but make sure it’s not sacrificing accessibility. Make sure actions are still large enough to easily click, ensure the text-size is large enough to easily scan, and simplify the copy to the simplest description of the action (less text, means larger font-size!)

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