How to build a subscription hierarchy that slaps

How to build a subscription hierarchy that slaps

Subscription offerings are unique. You aren’t just asking a user to purchase something, you are asking them to purchase multiple times with a single task.

Communicating clearly to build trust is extremely important – here’s how to build a subscription hierarchy that slaps:

1. Be clear about pricing. It doesn’t need to be loud and in their face, but consider leading with price, and closing with price. For bonus points, attach the cancellation policy to it!

2. When describing the offering above the add to cart, here’s a rule you should never break: Anything longer than 1 sentence should be either (1) deleted or (2) converted into a bullet list.

3. When listing key traits or product details, make sure each is easy to scan and is critical to communicating the product. 

4. Make actions feel exciting. Getting started feels like the start of longer process – enrolling feels like I’m gonna start coding! Don’t forget to finish off the pricing sandwich and add in the price here.

5. Close out the hierarchy with a fun content snippet – in this case, we get the user excited by letting them know what the current monthly theme is to give them a little FOMO. Who would wanna miss out on coding video games?!

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