How to analyze your homepage header

How to analyze your homepage header

There’s a simple trick for analyzing your own homepage header – look at your header, and answer this question: Is every element communicated as clearly and simply as possible?

Here’s 5 tips to ensure clarity…because clarity = conversion.

1. Use your top brag bar as an area to communicate value or assist the experience, rather than leading off with a negative statement. Letting users know about shipping delays can happen in checkout when they are further down the funnel. Shipping costs are the #1 cause of cart abandonment – help users shop stress free by giving them that target $ amount to hit to unlock it!

2. Try showing multiple images, and leave them untouched by other UI elements. Letting users swipe through a few products in the collection (or having them scrolling sideways on a slow moving banner) allows the users to see additional products in the collection in case the first isn’t grabbing them. This is a great alternative to a carousel.

3. Separate the image from the copy so that both can be communicated more clearly. Currently the copy gets lost and is not easy for users to scan. The faster they can see the image(s), understand the headline, and hit the button, the more often that flow will occur.

4. Yes, the user is technically ‘shopping now’ when they hit the button – but where are they going? Telling users exactly where they’re going ensures the resulting experience matches the users expectation. Always use action buttons as points of clear communication.

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