Can your homepage answer this one question?

Can your homepage answer this one question?

Design hierarchies are only valuable when the content backs them up. There is only 1 question that you need to answer when formatting your home header – ”When the customer scrolls to the next section or moves on, do they know what the f we do?”

Here’s a few tips on communicating clearly:

1. Don't be cryptic or cute…you are just making users decide for themselves what you do. In this case, the product we’re selling is a publication – yes they produce content, but the end product for the consumer is a physical product. SHOW the product.

2. Social proof comes in many forms – for some it’s reviews or press. In this case, it’s a track record. Leading the H1 with your lifespan as a company can build trust just as fast as reviews. Follow that with a clear description of the value you bring and you’re sweet as a nut.

3. Vague buttons are the last ones picked for the dodgeball team. Nothing good can come from under communicating on a key action button. Go look at the page the button links to – what benefit are you trying to get them excited about? In this case, unlimited access!

4. We don’t subscribe to the idea that brands should hide the price until the end. UX is no different than HX (HUMAN EXPERIENCE!) – trust is built with honesty. Especially when your price is competitive and reasonable, surface it early.

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