Building a path to purchase that's easy to scan

Building a path to purchase that's easy to scan

Make sure your path to purchase is easy to scan, and the content the user is scanning is adding value and educating.

The more clearly a user understands your product and its benefits, the more likely they become a customer:

Suggestion 1: Utilize 1:1 (square) aspect ration images on your product page. Extra whitespace or portrait images do nothing but push key content and actions down the page unnecessarily.

Suggestion 2: If your product title isn’t descriptive, consider pulling in the category – in this case it helps tell the user immediately that this is an electric bike (sounds like a ‘duh’, but it really isn’t clear from the image)

Suggestion 3: Surface the single most compelling sentence about your product and (4) pair it with a few bullet key traits that are clear and simple. Don’t be vague and make users hunt for explanations.

Suggestion 5: Be sure to show the price they are paying – NOBODY is hitting the reserve (or purchase) button without seeing the product price. If you offer them (which you should), clearly identify payment options and savings offered.

Suggestion 6: Ensure your actions look like actions. That’s the tweet.

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