6 tips for dialing in your header

6 tips for dialing in your header

If you understand content hierarchies, you will make good money in DTC.

In every Oddit, our goal is to never work with that brand again. Why? Cuz we want to equip our clients with the tools they need to increase their own conversion. 

☎️ Heres 6 tips for dialing in your header:

1.Carousels are a bad experience in every scenario, including your brag bar. Choose 1-2 key things you want to communicate with users, and feature them simply.

2. Your nav should be responsive just like the rest of your site. Decide what is absolutely critical for users to access outside of the mobile menu, and place it in the nav. General rule of thumb is logo (home), menu, and cart – anything else better have a good reason to be there.

3. Never assume you don’t have to prove yourself to customers by showing social proof. No matter how big you are, there’s always new customers discovering you. Let them shop with confidence by calling out reviews, or total customers/subscribers for instance. 

4. If you ever have 1 word per line in a heading (unless you’re designing a billboard), you’ve done something wrong. Start again. On mobile, always be mindful of (1) how easy text is to scan and (2) how much vertical space it’s taking up.

5. You’re selling products, not whitespace. Make sure your packaging/product is clearly shown, and ensure it’s the centerpiece of your display. Treat your product image like the hero in a movie poster. 

6. We say this nearly every thread, but it’s a problem on every site so we’re saying it again. Make actions on mobile (1) full-width for accessibility (2) as close to the bottom of the fold as possible (3) and use them as a communication point.

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