5 staples of an effective homepage header

5 staples of an effective homepage header

We’re always talking about homepage headers, but why not? It’s your front entry, your store greeter, your street signage – your first impression. 

Here’s 5 staples of an effective homepage header:

1. Always make sure actions are clearly actions, and ensure they have enough space to accidental clicks. The brag bar here calls out an offer if you ‘sign-up’ – but where’s the action? A simple underline is all you need.

2. Building a brand is all about building trust with your customers. The simplest way to build trust is social proof. This can be in the form of positive reviews callout, a press quote, total subscribers or customers – anything that says, “others have tried this, and they f**king love it.”

3. Never has the adage been more relevant than right here: A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when your headline and your brand name don’t tell users what you make, show them! A well-lit, hero shot of your product can be the difference between a sale and a see-ya-later.

4. The only thing that should be between your headline and your sub-heading is space. By separating your 1-2 punch, you’re taking away its power.

5.Use your actions/buttons as communication points. Always assume the user has scanned right past certain pieces of key information, and call out exactly what you make on this button!

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