Why you can't forget about desktop navigation

Why you can't forget about desktop navigation

Just because the world is mobile, doesn’t mean you can forget about desktop. The best brands in the world are built on details and consistencies.

Use your content & design hierarchy to help guide users towards conversion.

1. Book-end your desktop nav with access to your products, and make sure that if you’re going to trigger a dropdown or mega menu that you let the user know what to expect with a ‘+’ or chevron.

2. Give the user ownership over their shopping experience – the simplest copy tweak from ‘Build a HouseFit’ to ‘Build My HouseFit’ can be the difference between ‘click’ & ‘close’.

3. Every navigation needs a primary action. Decide what your most important action/link/offer is and give users access to it. Make sure it’s the loudest element in your navigation (yes, louder than your logo).

4. Obviously we didn’t forget about mobile. The same goes here: (1) start and finish with shopping (2) Ensure there is a primary action and make sure it’s at the bottom of the menu where it’s easily accessible (3) Tighten. The. Screws.

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