Whitespace - does my PDP have too much?

Whitespace - does my PDP have too much?

The power of whitespace is amazing. In so many scenarios, whitespace is a marketers best friend – on your PDP, it needs to be treated with respect and kept in check. 

Here’s 3 Simple Ways to Tighten Page Flow:

1. Responsive Branding: Just like your website, your logo should be responsive. If you find that your logo scales too small on mobile because of its aspect ratio, or it’s forcing your nav to be taller than you want, the answer is easy – create a second version of it for mobile.

2. Content Flow: There’s nothing that your paragraph text will convince the user of that your image can’t do better – pull images up the page, and move reviews/social proof to the top of the hierarchy. Trust > Product > Sales Pitch > Action.

3. Padding: Excess padding is death to conversion. Trim all the fat, while ensuring each content piece still has sufficient breathing room to be easily scanned on it’s own. The spacing/padding changes shown here brought the Add to Cart 25% closer to the top of the page.

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