The importance of variant selectors on PDP's

The importance of variant selectors on PDP's

The variant selectors on your product page aren’t just for users to select an option – they are a primary communication point.

Here’s how to make sure you aren’t forcing users to hunt for information critical to conversion:

1. Make sure the order of the options is logical. Whether it’s listed by escalating price, or size, never drop them in randomly (as in the example) and force the user to think about something they shouldn’t have to.

Everytime you make the user think about something other than how great your product is, your conversion rate is dropping.

2. The clearer picture you draw, the easier the variant is to select. Don’t make users click between each size option to see the pricing – show the price clearly beside each variant.

3. Never make your customer do the math. If the price per unit changes across each variant, make sure to surface that information so they can make the most informed decision. For bonus points (4), surface the % savings as well!

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