Product Page Guide - Part 2

Product Page Guide - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of The Product Page guide!

We're diving deep into 5 brands and how we adjusted their mobile product page! You can test ALL these suggestions on your own website. 

Let's jump in! 

Number 1: Beacn

Suggestion 1: Remove the carousel indicators and let the next image peek instead to prompt exploration.

Suggestion 2: Pull up your positive reviews above the product title; they are a great way to build trust with users new to your brand — make it clear that reviews can be clicked to scroll down and read them.

Suggestion 3: The current product title is way too big and pushes the key elements on the PDP lower on the page. Dial this down into two lines to make it easier to read and save vertical space.

Suggestion 4: Move the variant selectors out of the dropdown and surface them side-by-side; add the variation images with labels to further guide users in their shopping journey.

Suggestion 5: Your ATC button should be the most prominent element on the page. Do this by increasing the height of the button.

Suggestion 6: Surface your most frequently used dynamic buy button below your ATC button. State that there are other alternative payment options available at checkout for clarity.


Number 2: Good Protein 

Quick Tips:

1. Move your product title and review badge below the product image.

2. If you only sell two sizes, move them into swatches to reduce friction.


Number 3: Freestlye

Suggestion 1: It's not made clear that customers get both of these diapers. Add a few tags to the image calling out the number of packs of each.

Suggestion 2: Reviews are critical to conversion — call them out more clearly, and link users to read them if they want.

Suggestion 3: Underneath the product title, pull in the critical information about what users actually get here, not marketing fluff.

Suggestion 4: What's in the box vs Size chart These actions are competing too much with the rest of the interface. Delete “What’s In The Box” and make the size chart more secondary.

Suggestion 5: Simplify the size selectors — there’s no reason for them to take up so much vertical space.


Number 4: Kanga

Two Quick Tips:

1. Add-to-cart buttons should be the loudest element on product pages

2. Make sure the “More Payment Options” link actually looks like a link.


Number 5: Alex Mill

Quick Tip: Rather than dot indicators, let the next image peak in from the right to prompt exploration. This takes up less vertical space and is more clear.

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