Increase conversion in 3 simple steps

Increase conversion in 3 simple steps

Never repeat content within a single section on your homepage – say it once, say it confidently, and let the user move on to taking action.

Here’s 3 Simple Steps to increased conversion in your header:

1. Headings & subheadings can be very powerful copywriting combos – but they need to support each other. If you are going to have a subheading, ensure that it supports the heading by elevating it, not echoing it.

2. Social proof of any sort is key to building trust in your products/brand – pull it into your header, and pull in a snippet from the review or press to really hammer it home. Regardless how long the review is, only pull in the most compelling sentence.

3. You’ve got them excited, now make sure they can take action. Tighten up your design hierarchy to make sure you are surfacing an action for users in the first fold. For bonus points, use the button as a communication point!

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