How to drive action & build trust with users

How to drive action & build trust with users

It doesn’t matter if you sell physical products, software, or services – always be (1) building trust and (2) driving action.

Every single chance you get.

Suggestion 1: If you offer a service such as this, you probably don’t have a ‘cart’, so why not use your mobile navigation as a key action point? if you have the move menu to the left side, you can add a ‘get quote’ action!

Suggestion 2: Rearrange your content stack to build trust with users before you surface an action. For example, reviews are critical for building trust, so don’t just surface the stars – pull in the total number of 5-star reviews right next to your primary action point! How can 8,000 people be wrong?!

Suggestion 3: Use your button as a canvas to communicate something about your offering. Rather than ‘Get A Quote’, what about using the button to communicate additional value or specifics about the offering. For example,  ‘Get an Instant Quote’ (timing) or even ‘Get Car Insurance Quote’ (product type).

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