How to build trust & excitement with users

How to build trust & excitement with users

When it comes to your homepage header, it’s not enough to JUST tell users what you are selling – that’s step 1.

Every other element needs to focus on building trust with users so they feel confident (and excited) purchasing. 

1. Never surface a piece of content that should be an action. For example: If a primary piece of your navigation is a phone number, surface a ‘book a call’ button, not the number. Making users do extra work (like dial a number) is a conversion killer.

2. Your website is a reflection of your brand and product – if you can’t respect the details on site, how can users trust you did so in the product? Tighten up your navigation so it isn’t pushing content and actions down the page and make sure each element is easy to access.

3. Users need to know that others have tried your product and love it – they don’t know you, it’s important they see others have taken the product on a test run for them. No matter how small or simple it is, make sure you clearly communicate some form of recognition for your product. 

4. Make user engagement easy by (1) ensuring your key action is full width on mobile (2) sits at the bottom of the fold & (3) use your action button as a communication point – rather than “shop now” or “get started”, tell users exactly what they are doing or where they are going.

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