Crafting the perfect PDP (subscription edition)

Crafting the perfect PDP (subscription edition)

There’s 2 key areas to a PDP – before the ‘Add to Cart’ button, and after it. The area above it is where you surface the product information that NEEDS to be communicated – the area below is info that’s NICE to have communicated.

Here’s a great example of what that looks like for a subscription brand we worked with:

1. Review your content hierarchy – is the first thing you want a user to see a ‘back’ button. Nah. The breadcrumb is already giving users access to where they came from – delete any action drawing attention away from adding to cart. 

2. Build trust instantly. Surface reviews at the top of your content hierarchy, and add a subtle secondary action to read some of them – if a user needs a little extra convincing, let your brand advocates do it for you.

3.Tighten the screws. Headlines, pricing, sub-copy – the proper type balance, spacing, and flow of this information makes it easier on the eyes meaning it’s easier to read/scan and users can get to taking action faster.

4. Don’t force users to scroll past your add to cart button to get the critical information needed to subscribe. Tell them exactly what they are getting, when they are getting it, and what makes it great.

 5. Before users hit the Add to Cart button, give them a nice little reminder of what they are getting. Product clarity is so underrated – the only thing worse than losing a sale (IMO) is making a sale where the customer doesn’t understand what they bought.

The result is nothing more than a bad review, more customer support spend, and likely a refund.

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