Crafting a story through design hierarchy

Crafting a story through design hierarchy

Your design hierarchy needs to tell a story. Draw users in at the top, and take them on a journey full of paved paths and clear skies (i.e. keep it simple and clear).

Here’s a few tips on how to best do that:

Suggestion 1: Lead off with your reviews. This breaks down the trust barrier and says ‘Hey, don’t sweat, you’re not the first person to try this!’

Suggestion 2: Place your payment plan option where it’s most relevant – right below the product price.

Suggestion 3: Brand trust is built off the details. Across every interaction, use consistent styling. In this case, there are 2 different variant selectors styled differently (one of which really isn’t accessible or easy to use). Give every interaction the same care.

Suggestion 4: Offering alternate payment options is great, but they need to feel alternate. Create separation and contrast between your purchase buttons to avoid click confusion.

Suggestion 5: Brand-first CRO is all about reigning in the excess. There are 6 fonts being used in this small section of the site experience. Cap your font-set to 2 fonts maximum – this forces you to use consistent styling across the UX and helps the brand and site feel more intentional.

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