Copy tips for a home header 1-2 punch

Copy tips for a home header 1-2 punch

The best products are easy to describe because they are simple – but copywriting can only go so far. Always make sure your product is visualized in an engaging and easy to access manner.

Here’s a few tips for giving users the home header 1-2 punch 🥊 (copy + visuals):

1. Especially when your product is something users may not have seen before, surface some form of social proof (such as reviews or # sold). This tells customers “we know this is foreign to you, but look at all these other amazing people that trusted us and love it”.

2. Separate your copy from your image or video. By overlaying them, they both lose their punch. The updated image can still be a video/gif, just needs to be easy to see the ACTUAL product.

3. If you’ve got the whitespace, pull in some key traits or benefits of the product in a punchy, simple manner. Not everyone is used to working out with a fake axe – tell them what’s gettin’ ripped!

4. Ask yourself: Is your subheading truly adding value? Is there any lost communication if you remove it? Unless it’s a resounding yes, delete. Simplify to a simple heading that is easy to scan (especially now that we’re calling out key traits on the image!)

5. We love bottom floating menus (it’s the future!) but let users focus at the beginning. Trigger this menu to pop-in once they scroll so your beautiful new (and engaging) header conversion isn’t crushed by overlapping actions.

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