6 PDP tips that get clicks

6 PDP tips that get clicks

The space between your product images and your Add to Cart is the conversion sweet spot (but it can be a gauntlet if done wrong!). The header images draw the user in (hopefully), and now you just gotta bring it home.

Here’s 6 PDP tips that get clicks: 

1. Never lead off with a negative statement – surfacing customs fees or alternate shipping options are for further down the funnel. The only thing a user should see beside your price is a payment option or a savings % badge.

2. Decide what the 1-2 most compelling things about your product are, and move them above the add to cart button where users will definitely see them. Brands get so scared to move their add to cart down the page – it’s fine to bump it (within reason) if the content provides value to your conversion!

3. If you are offering variants/options to a customer, always ensure they have (1) a title so users know where they are (2) a bounding box to better communicate the action requested & (3) space between them. When actions are too close to each other, all you get is accidental clicks.

4. Making your quantity selector tiny is like putting 1 product on the shelf in retail, and leaving the rest in a box on the top shelf for they can’t be reached. Make your quantity full-width on mobile so it’s easy to access. Easy access = better chance the user shops in multiples.

5. Use a single, clear, primary action – add to cart. If you’re going to offer a 2nd option, make sure it feels secondary. Surfacing ‘add to cart’ and ‘buy now’ is forcing users to make an extra decision. They have to decide if they want your product, and how they want to buy it.

6. Use the space under your bottom as an opportunity to lend the user a hand getting to the finish line. Surfacing the free shipping offer and your return policy for example, you’re removing some of the stress associated with the action they are about to take.

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