4 tips to ensure reviews get read

4 tips to ensure reviews get read

Customer reviews are a powerful tool for your brand – both internally and externally. They help brands collect feedback and evolve (happened to us yesterday!) and they help new customers understand the benefits without marketing fluff.

Here's 4 tips to ensure reviews get read:

1 The total number of positive reviews can be just as powerful as the reviews themselves. Callout the total numerically, and more importantly the number of 5 star reviews!

2 Images can be a great pairing to the review, but the image quality is out of your control in most cases. Leave these for the reviews section of the PDP – remove them everywhere else and let users focus on the copy.

3 Longer reviews are great for the bottom of your PDP, but in most cases it’s more effective to just pull in the punchline and leave the rest out. User’s need to be able to scan them while still understanding the value customers are getting.

4 If possible, surface reviews that span across your catalogue rather than a single product. This allows you to essentially turn these reviews into product cards! Add a simple link at the bottom of each to shop the product being reviewed.

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