4 Tips for more effective product cards

4 Tips for more effective product cards

Product cards (regardless of where they are on your site) need to be easy to scan & easy to take action.

They also need to surface that sweet spot of product information that piques users' interest, without telling the entire product story.

1. Make sure your images pop! When you’re using a transparent background on the image, use the extra whitespace to show your product as effectively as possible.

2. When your images show the physical product (no packaging) it’s important to communicate the volume in the copywriting. Add a content line that clearly communicates the amount of the product they are shopping (especially if you’re expecting them to add it to their cart here.

3. When your product is simple, surfacing ‘add to cart’ from a product card is a great option for faster conversion – but only if users have the info needed to purchase. Make sure the action states the price…nobody is adding something to their cart when they don’t know the price.

4. If you’re going to allow users to add to cart from your product cards, make sure you are surfacing a crystal clear secondary action taking them to the product page.

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