3 simple tweaks to elevate your homepage header

3 simple tweaks to elevate your homepage header

New customers discover your brand every day – make sure you’re telling them what you do, why it’s great and give them easy access to cop it.

Here’s 3 simple tweaks you can make to elevate your homepage header

1.Treat your mobile navigation like an art gallery by only showing the goods (primary actions). Account/login is a secondary action – move it inside the mobile menu so it’s easy to access, but not taking attention away from your cart and mobile menu button.

2. Beautiful, art directed images and animations are awesome, but in this case the cereal itself isn’t necessarily visually stunning (or communicating much). Back it up with a nice simple line highlighting the key features of the product shown.

3. Use your button as an opportunity to communicate more about your brand! Users like to scan – the more you can tell them in key areas the better. “Try Now” is fine, but “Shop All 6 Flavors” tells them a lot more.

As well, make sure it sits in the bottom 20% of the screen and is full-width for easy accessibility.

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